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Apartments for Rent in Bloomsburg PA

The B&L Advantage. When you think about living in the dorms, what are the first words that pop into your head?

  • Dark?
  • Waiting for the bathroom?
  • Endless hallways?
  • Noisy?
  • No privacy?
  • Big brother is watching you?
  • Tight spaces?
  • Cluttered?
  • No homey feeling?
  • Cookie cutter?
  • Not unique?
  • Lack of personality?

Here at B&L Properties we have heard you. We have listened and we have built apartments and condos for you that are nothing like dorms. In fact, we have built our units as the anti-dorm. But wait, that is not all. We also have multiple penthouses and houses that you can choose from. Check out what we have to offer that gives you the comforts of a home away from home.

Benefits of our Apartments and Houses for Rent in Bloomsburg PA

Here at B&L Properties, we care about you and we take care of you. Here are just some of the things that we do for you as our tenants:

  • First and foremost, we always treat you with the utmost respect.
  • We are readily accessible to you; we return all phone calls and emails in a timely fashion.
  • We provide you with affordable housing options.
  • All of our houses and apartments are in quality condition and top notch cleanliness.
  • Our houses and apartments do not feel anything like dorms.
  • Our units have porches, decks, and outdoor space for you to hang out with your friends.
  • Our housing is in the heart of everything; walking distance to the nightlife downtown and to your classes on campus.
  • Our units come furnished with beds, dressers, desks, and couches.
  • We complete routine maintenance free of charge and we even change light bulbs.
  • Our 24-hour maintenance staff is available to open up your house or apartment in the middle of the night if you get locked out.
  • Whenever possible, we give you 24 hours’ notice before stopping by your unit.

Our apartments offer washers and dryers. No more carrying your laundry up and down flights of stairs or down a maze of hallways. No more walking back and forth to check and see if there are washers and dryers available only to come back with your laundry and find them already taken. No more annoying clock watching and time calculating to figure out when to come back to see if your laundry has finished its cycle or to switch it over to the dryer. All you have to do is carry your laundry to the next room and throw it in the washer at your convenience. It will always be free so no more endless walking trips and time watching.

A lot of our apartments, condos, penthouses, and houses are walk ups, so you have your own front door with a porch. You have a private entry door to your apartment and a place to relax right at your front door. No more wandering forever down a hallway. And best of all, it’s yours!! No RA’s keeping track of you and your friends.

Our apartments and houses enable you to customize your living space to your individual style and personality. You can personalize your apartment or house to your taste and give it that homey feeling you are looking for. While, at the same time, getting to enjoy the experience of living on your own. You will have control over things such as: the central air temperature, the heat temperature, when you turn on and off the lights, when you wash your dishes, etc.

Our apartments and houses allow you to choose who you want to live with and how many roommates you want to have. Looking to get away and spend some alone time while spending hardcore time studying and focusing on your schoolwork? Then we have a single bedroom apartment just for you. Wanting to live with your friends for an entire semester sleepover? Then we have multiple bedroom apartments and houses for you. Study with your friends, spend time hanging out together, and learn some new tricks of the trade about housekeeping and living.

Our apartments and houses include the following features: (See the individual apartment and house listings for specifics)

Furniture included

  • Bedrooms: dresser, twin size bed, and mattress
  • Living room: leather sofas and a flat screen TV
  • Fully complimented kitchen with: dishwasher, stove, microwave, and refrigerator
  • Eating area: breakfast bar with high back stools or a table and chairs
  • Desks for studying


  • Onsite 24 hour maintenance staff on call to accommodate for your needs at any hour
  • Quick turnaround of maintenance requests
  • Easy online submission system
  • No extra fees; it’s included in your rent

Bonuses for tenants

  • Parking available on site or in close proximity at your apartment
  • Access to a private fitness studio/gym

We hope that you make the choice to stay with us because we are committed to taking exceptional care of your housing unit and more importantly, taking great care of you while you stay with us. You will certainly not regret your decision to stay with us here at B&L Properties!

144 E Ridge Ave, Bloomsburg PA photo of front

144 E Ridge Avenue

This loft style apartment is brand new for the 2017-2018 school year! This means that everything inside is new and fresh. You will enjoy brand new appliances such as a washer, dryer, and dishwasher as well as getting to lounge out in the living room on your new leather sofa while watching TV with your friends on a new flat screen TV. This apartment provides the perfect balance between living with friends and having a space to call your own. Each of the five bedrooms has its own bathroom, which means that these areas are your own private oasis. But do not worry, there is plenty of space to relax and hang out with your friends. Take advantage of the outside deck on cool evenings to just sit, play games, hang out, and unwind from a long day. You also have quick and easy access to the B&L Properties’ fitness center located on the 1st floor of the building. This apartment is just steps away from campus, downtown Bloomsburg, and the private fitness center.

47 Iron St, Bloomsburg PA - Photo of front

47 Iron Street

These newer townhomes come with central air and have six large bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. They provide you with a lot of space and are an ideal size for groups of 6-8 students. With a fully furnished living room and kitchen area, you have a great place to have friends over. You can also hang with your friends in your downstairs basement that has poured concrete floors and eight foot high ceilings. They do not even have to trudge through your living space to get to the basement. Have your friends enter through the separate entrance located in the back of the house. You will have a parking spot right outside your door. But, if you do not want to drive to campus, you can hop right on the BU Shuttle because it stops right at your front door. This provides you with convenient access to on campus activities as well as putting you just steps away from your car.

1 E Main St, Bloomsburg PA - photo of front

1 E Main Street

These fun downtown apartments are penthouses and have lots of history in them. Towering high above the town, these penthouses are the tallest buildings in Bloomsburg. The basement of the building was Bloomsburg’s original fallout shelter. Inside, there are five penthouse style apartments, each with five huge bedrooms and two bathrooms. Complete with large windows, you get some of the best views in town.  Each of these penthouse apartments comes fully furnished with all the necessities for comfortable living. No need to bring your own couches, coffee tables, dressers, desks, washer/dryer, or dishwasher because they are already in your apartment, setup, and ready for use. Rich in Bloomsburg history, fully furnished, and right in the heart of downtown puts these penthouse apartments in high demand.

71 Iron St - photo of front

71 Iron Street

Named the Maroon and Gold condos, these apartments each include two bedrooms and one bathroom.  This makes them the perfect size for you to live with your best friend. Each of you will have your own bedroom yet you will be able to enjoy each other’s company as you spend time together in your fully furnished living room and kitchen. To top it all off, you can even recline outside on the overlook deck. Looking for a way to save a ton of money? You can do just that by living in these condos with more than one friend. Share a bedroom with a friend and you can cut down on the cost of living. Check out the three student and four student pricing options to see if this would be a good fit for you, your friends, and your wallet.

111 Iron St - photo of front

116 Clinton Avenue – Single Houses

No more dorm living or apartment living for you, you are jumping right into living in your very own house. You will thoroughly enjoy all the luxuries of having an entire house all to yourself with your friends. Things such as central air, tile and/or hardwood floors, amazing front porches, basement space, a backyard with a deck, parking in your driveway, and loads of space for social gatherings are just a few elements you will come to adore about having your own house. The best part, you do not even have to bring your own furniture to make the house livable. The house comes fully furnished with everything you need. You are also only a short walk to campus or to downtown Bloomsburg. Check out our single house options to find the best fit for you and your friends.

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