Now Leasing for Fall 2024

Gym & Tanning Facilities

B&L Bloomsburg Gym

Check out our gym facility, specially designed for B&L Bloomsburg University residents, located behind the Bloom Diner. Work out without the crowd.

While you're there, work on that warm summer glow in our private tanning facility. Just another perk of renting with us at B&L.

The B&L Private Tanning Facility - Access included with all rentals

Our Private Tanning Facility

Our 3rd St tanning center is a private facility exclusively for B&L residents. Enjoy a little bronzing, and relax in peace - away from the crowds. Need a little vacation - or just want to look like you had one? We've got you covered.

Our Private Gym Facility

The 1200 square feet of workout space is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • Nautilus Leg Extension Machine
  • Nautilus Leg Curl Machine
  • Nautilus Vertical Chest Machine
  • Nautilus Overhead Press Machine
  • Elliptical Machines
  • Precor Dip Machine
  • Precor Smith Machine
  • Treadmills
  • Pull Down Crossover Cable System
  • Roman Chair
  • Olympic Size Flat Bench
  • Olympic Size Incline Bench
  • Decline Bench
  • Flat/Incline Movable Bench
  • Free Weights + Curl & Straight Bars
  • Large Rack of Dumbbells
  • Medicine Balls & Bands

Personal Training – B&L Properties will be offering personal training classes at the gym on a regular basis. This one hour high intensity class is perfect for someone who is just getting to know their way around a gym or for a ripped gym rat. Our professional trainers can help you get started working out or give you the motivation to push you towards your personal goals. Why pay for this at the Hub when you can access it for free simply by staying with B&L? 

  • The ULTIMATE Total Body Workout designed to blast fat, firm muscles, lose inches and torch calories - FAST and EFFECTIVELY!
  • Our 1-2 Punch for max fat-burning and muscle-firming!   We follow 1-2 strength exercises with a short, intense cardio burst.  This powerfully spikes your metabolism for hours - increasing fat burning  long after your workout is finished! 
  • Beat workout boredom in our fun one-hour group training strength-cardio fitness circuit! Every class follows a different workout, specially designed to engage multiple muscles for maximum benefits! 
  • Designed as an individualized rest-based workout, it’s easy to push yourself or modify as needed! Every exercise can be individualized as needed for specific fitness levels or needs. Proper form is ALWAYS taught for each exercise - this decreases injury and gives you confidence in the gym.
  • Every exercise is designed to hit different muscles at a variety of angles for maximal benefits! Say goodbye to trouble spots! Hello Spring break body!
  • A variety of training equipment and modalities are used to keep it fresh, interesting and fun!  We use dumbbells; body weight resistance exercises; plyometrics; core training; Tabatas; HIIT; battle ropes; kettlebells; bosu ball; bands; medicine balls; slide board; slam balls and more!
  • BOOST YOUR MOOD!  The BEST way to improve mental health, manage stress and fight the winter blues is to engage in physical activity! Our workout boosts powerful brain endorphins, lowers stress, improves sleep - helping you to feel better AND be more productive - with your post-workout elevated good mood!
  • Learn how to navigate the fitness center with ease; improve fitness knowledge; increase confidence; improve body image and even how to take charge by learning how to design your own workouts! 
  • Establish positive lifestyle changes. Our free fitness classes enable our students to develop healthy habits in fitness and overall health to optimize all aspects of their life! We want our students to be happy, healthy as they live better with B&L!