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The Smart Choice

Here at B&L Properties our goal is to provide you with the best value for your dollar that you will find anywhere in town.  We do this through our quality apartments, first rate customer service, and various amenities.  From the time you sign your Lease to the day you pack up your apartment after graduation, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Our management staff will be there to walk you through the Lease so that you understand what is required and expected of you.  They will assist you in choosing the apartment that is best suited for your style and needs.  They will explain our different payment options and they will be there to guide you and answer any of your questions throughout the year.  Our B&L Properties office is staffed and open four days a week for your convenience.

Our maintenance staff prides itself in fixing your maintenance issues as quickly as possible.  With an easy to use, convenient, online submission system, it is simple to submit a maintenancerequest.  We respond to routine requests by the next business day and we are on call 24 hours per day in case of emergencies.  So whether you need your toilet plunged or your light bulbs changed, we are happy to do that for you.  We are here for you whenever you need us.

Our apartments are truly walking distance to campus.  You do not need to take a shuttle to get where you need to go; although all of our apartments do have shuttle stops nearby.  You can walk to class, to the coffee shop, or downtown, even through the cold weather and snow in the middle of January.  However, if you do not want to walk or your desired destination is too far to do so, parking is included in your rent or is available to purchase and in most cases is located just steps away from your front door.

Safety is one of our top priorities.  We have security cameras at many locations and our friendly security guard keeps an eye on things.  This gives you a welcomed peace of mind knowing that you are taken care of and safe at all times on our Properties.  It also assures you that your apartment is safe whether you are sitting in class, working out at the fitness studio, hanging out with your friends, or running errands around town.
Our apartments come fully furnished so that you do not have to worry about moving furniture back and forth.  We provide quality furniture that fits perfectly in each area of the apartment.  Washers and dryers are provided for your convenience.  You will be very glad you have these in your apartment; trust us.

Also included, a brand new fitness studio/gym is located at 144 E Ridge Ave.  These facilities are exclusively for B&L Properties’ tenants only.  In this building you will find amenities that you will not find anywhere else on campus. Located on the first floor of the facility you will find a private gym.  This is not the busy college gym where you have to work out in crowded spaces and you have to wait in lines to use the equipment you want.  You do not have to plan your workout schedule to avoid the crowded college gym times or endure the surplus of students who decide to start working out after New Year’s Day as part of their New Year’s resolution to lose weight, get into shape, and live a healthier lifestyle.  It is also not your average small hotel gym.  It contains 1200 square feet of workout space that is fully equipped with both cardio and weight training equipment.

The cardio area includes high quality equipment such as:
• Nautilus Leg Extension Machine
• Nautilus Leg Curl Machine
• Nautilus Vertical Chest Machine
• Nautilus Overhead Press Machine
• 2 Elliptical Machines
• Precor Dip Machine
• Precor Smith Machine
• 3 Treadmills

In addition, large windows bring in loads of natural light and overlook a scenic view for your pleasure while you work out.  You can enjoy people watching, observing the birds and squirrels through the windows, or watching TV.  With free Wi-Fi throughout the facility, you can also listen to your favorite playlists of inspirational and motivational workout music or you can listen to your favorite podcasts.  Or, even better, why not knock out two birds with one stone and workout while getting in your required reading for class by listening to the audio book versions of your textbooks.

The large weight training area includes a variety of benches, dumbbells, free weights, and medicine balls.  There are also mats for stretching and yoga available.  No need to bring your own.  Just bring yourself, show up, and utilize whatever equipment you want to keep that stunning figure healthy, toned, and in shape. Both during and after your hardcore workout, you are going to need to stay hydrated with crisp, cool, filtered water.  There is nothing more disappointing then going to get a drink from the water fountain at the gym and ending up with a mouthful of disgusting tasting water.  Here at the fitness studio, we have a filtered water fountain that is complete with a water bottle filling station.  Not only can you get a drink of filtered water and conveniently fill up your water bottle without endless spills and frustration, but also you can help save the environment by cutting down on the amount of plastic water bottles used.

So, whether you are looking to work out and stay in shape or you are looking for a private, secluded place to hang out with your friends, this two story fitness studio/gym and clubhouse is the place for you.  All of the included amenities can serve to help reduce stress in a healthy fashion.  Research shows that working out daily and spending quality time with friends while laughing, playing games, and hanging out, reduces stress.  This exclusive facility is just the outlet you need to accomplish all of those things.
By choosing B&L Properties for your college living experience, you will be making the Smart Choice.  We provide you with high quality management staff, 24 hour maintenance staff, and a high level of security. The apartments come fully furnished and are conveniently located within walking distance to countless destinations besides campus.

Staying with B&L Property brings you the bang for your buck that you are looking for.  But do not just take our word for it; check out our reviews and see what other students are saying about their living experience in our apartments.