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Parking Information

Parking in Bloomsburg is very limited, so signing up for a parking spot early is extremely important. We have parking lots throughout town to try and accommodate you. If you sign up for a parking spot we will assign you a spot in our closest available parking lot.

Parking costs $400 for the School year (August – May) and must be paid up front.

If you wish to apply for a spot please fill out the form below and return it to us along with your payment.

Parking Permit Agreement

You can also obtain parking through the town at their Red meters. You can find out more information about that here.

If you have been towed or booted please contact AAT Parking Management at 1-888-390-1114 and they will help you get your car back.


Parking Regulations

Parking in Bloomsburg is extremely limited.  Because of this we adhere to very strict parking regulations.

You may only park in one of our spots if you have a parking permit for that particular lot.  If you don’t you will be towed, no exceptions.  This includes visitors, parents, etc.  We do not provide for visitor parking, as unfortunately there is not room.

We do not tow on move-in weekend; towing will begin on Monday when classes start.

You must have your parking permit tag hung on your rear view mirror at all times.  If it isn’t there you will be towed.

You are assigned a specific numbered parking spot.  That is your spot.  You must park in that spot whenever possible.  If someone has taken your parking spot you need to call AAT Parking Management and have them towed. 

AAT Parking Management takes care of our parking lots.   We have no control over their pricing and policies. If they have booted or towed your car there is nothing we can do for you.  You need to figure it out with them.  Their phone number is 1888-390-1114.

Why do we tow violators? This helps ensure that when you need to park in the spot that you paid for, you will have a space to park.

If your car is towed, please call AAT Parking Management at 1-888-390-1114.  They will be able to help you get your car back.

If there is someone else parking in your parking spot please call AAT Parking Management at 1-888-390-1114 and they will come tow them out for you.  Please do not call us, we cannot help you.  Call AAT, as they are the ones who can move the offending vehicle for you.

Just so it very clear, if you park in a lot and don’t have the appropriate parking tag hanging for that lot on your rear view mirror, from the Monday classes start to the Friday of finals week, you will be towed.  No exceptions.